Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maybe you fuckers are right...


Saturday night, I got really really drunk.

I've not been that torn up in a long long time.

Through the fog and haze, all I could think of was much I love much I want and need HER. How, despite the rollercoaster, all I want is to be by her side...through the good and the bad...the laughter and the tears...the wind, rain and sun.

But so many of you useless fucks seem to think I'll just go right back to being who I many of you shallow fools seem to think that therapy (in several forms), and an all-consuming desire to NEVER hurt her again isn't ever going to be enough.

And the more I hear it, the more you make it the truth.

Not where SHE is I'll never hurt HER again.

But you fucksticks better watch out, lest I decide to start lashing out at all of YOU.

You're false. You're the bad ones, not me. I'm not the bad one anymore. I don't want to be the bad one anymore. I've stopped being the bad one. You keep wanting to remind me of how bad I was...

What...are you TRYING to get me to backslide? Is there some betting pool I don't know about?

You useles fucks just do yourselves a favor and take a hike. I'm not your goddamn whipping boy anymore. Leave me alone.


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