Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Music or Drama????

So... yeah. (All-purpose Eddie Izzard quote)

Hank is no longer with the band. He has moved to New York with his wife.

We had INTENDED to replace him with this young lady who had worked with us before. She had been in a band with Me, Ross and David years ago, and she quit because she didn't have the right attitude.


Turns out she still doesn't.

Mahealani had aspired to join the band when we FIRST heard Hank was going to leave us, but she wasn't able to audition in time, and this other girl (I won't name her, for her privacy) already knew a bunch of our songs, had a good voice, it seemed to make sense. She SEEMED to have grown up enough to handle being in the band.


Not at all.

Last week at rehearsal, there was a huge blow up between her and Lenny (the other guitarist, an accomplished musician and the guy who's house we practice at). Lenny was basically tired of her not being focused at rehearsal while the rest of us were and told her as much, in a very non-diplomatic way.

"Shut the fuck up." is pretty non-diplomatic, don't you think?

Anyhoo, the shouting began and Heather stomped out. After a few days to 'cool off', Ross called her to see where she stood, and she told Ross that she quit.

FORTUNATELY, that very night, we decided to make sure Mahealani got a list of just a handful of songs that Heather would be singing. She's been working on them in her spare time, and she's all set to join us at our next rehearsal.

Truth be told, I'm beside myself with excitement. I've always wanted to share a stage with her, and the few times we have, I've loved it.

Last season at the end-of-festival cast party/talent show, Mahealani and I performed "Angel from Montgomery" together. She sang and I played saxophone. Then last week, we went to the Blues Jam at the Clubhouse. I told Sheila that Lani wanted to sing "Angel", and Sheila set it up. Lani got to perform with some of the best musicians in the local scene, and absolutely WOWED them with her voice. I also pulled her up on stage one night with AKA just to help out with some backups for fun, and she loved it.

I really love that woman, and I can't wait to have her on stage with me.

Oh yeah. She's not moving to Virginia Beach, either. *Happy Dance*


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