Thursday, March 30, 2006

Again, to you all, I say...

How do I say "I'm sorry" -
With a gesture, a look, a touch?
How is it I never realized
I hurt you all so much?

I do not ask forgiveness,
A comfort I'll never deserve.
I merely wanted to let you know,
But I never had the nerve.

To finally confront myself, face-to-face,
To look myself in the eye,
Weary of everyone else's wrath -
And no tears left to cry.

I was called selfish, I turned away,
I festered and I fled;
Cutting and wounding and lashing out,
Just to see who bled.

Betraying and deceiving so many,
I surely had no right
To snatch away the treasures of friendship and love;
Like a thief in the night.

It seems as if forever has passed
To bring me to this day,
When I present these simple words
I never thought to say.

I wish these two simple words,
Could vanquish all the pain,
And bring to life my dearest wish:
To know myself again.

This short time has aged me many years,
But they have not made me wise;
I do know I erred irrevocably -
For that I apologize.


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