Tuesday, May 09, 2006



So...my students like to play strategy games. They'd experimented with "Risk" and liked it, so I went out and bought the RISK: STAR WARS - CLONE WARS edition of the game. You can play it like regular RISK, or with special rules specific to that version of the game so's it mirrors "Revenge of the Sith".

Anyhow...here's my issue.

The game comes with groovy dice... two regular ol' white dice with black dots, and three BLACK dice with WHITE dots... as well as some 8-sided dice.

None of my students had ever seen black dice with white dots. Now...I know that seems pretty mundane to a geek like me who spends plenty of time in gamers shops...who has, in his life, owned a 100-sided die (almost as big as a friggin' golf ball)...groovy stuff like that. But these guys thought the black dice with white dots looked pretty neat.

So...should I be surprised that when the end of the day came, and we were all scrambling to pack the game away properly... that all of a sudden I'm short a pair of black dice?

One of the kids had pocketed a pair of my black dice. Now...I decided to cut the kid a break and play it off like he'd done it by accident... but I'm more than reasonably confident that it was NOT an accident.


What the heck is going on with kids these days, that a 13-year old boy will just snatch something as simple as a pair of DICE...and will give no regards to the fact that it belongs to a teacher?

Yup...handbasket. That's what we're in. I wonder where we're going?


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