Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am a Black Lion...

Today the Imani Institute Leadership Academy classroom (The Lion's Den) was cleaned out.

Today, SFC Jones and GySgt Gauldin cleaned out their offices.

Hard drives were wiped clean.

Documents were shredded.

Posters were taken down.

Boxes were filled one by one and taped shut to be stored away.

Imani Institute Charter Middle School was betrayed by those we trusted...those we put our faith in...those we PAID to DO A JOB.

The cost of that betrayal? Imani Institute must now close its doors. And with that, the Black Lions Company has fallen.

But we are soldiers.

We have not surrendered. We have merely been forced to withdraw and regroup.

The Black Lions Company serves as the Royal Guard at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. We recently set up a MySpace page, and our main profile picture is that of a soldier giving the universal tactical hand-and-arm signal to "Rally".

That means, "Fall back to a safe point. Regroup. Get ready to attack again."

We fight against the Darkness.

We are the soldiers of the Black Lions Company, and we have NOT surrendered. We merely rally here while we regroup, bandage our wounds and prepare our next attack.

Do NOT underestimate us.
Do NOT consider us 'finished'.
Do NOT assume you've seen the last of us.

I am a Black Lion.
Integrity is my way of life.
Discipline is my Religion.
Respect is my faith.
I am a Black Lion.
All others look up to me.
All others want to be like me.
I set the standard.
I am a Black Lion.
If you try to distract me
I will become more disciplined.
If you try to break me
I will remain strong.
I am a Black Lion
I have no time for anger.
I will not be provoked.
My body is sacred to me.
It will not be polluted.
My mind is my greatest tool.
It will not be corrupted.
I am a Black Lion.
I am loyal to my pride.
To disrespect me is to disrespect them.
To disrespect them is to disrespect me.
I am a Black Lion.
I am a Black Lion.