Friday, February 09, 2007



It's 21 degrees out this morning. We had a winter weather advisory for this morning, so we pre-arranged to do PT inside the gym this morning, and our instructors made sure the OCS dickheads didn't knock us out of our slot.

Don't fuck with the Old Guard, I tell ya.

So...we're in the gym and we were given a choice of sports to play, and almost everyone agreed on Dodgeball. A few went over and shot some hoops, but none of the rest of us wanted to mess with anything that required that much skill, so Dodgeball it was.

I tell ya...I wonder if I want to pursue promotion and higher levels of leadership after all, because it would appear that once you reach a certain rank, your sense of humor gets revoked.

We have a Sergeant Major and a Master Sergeant in our class, both female, and neither one of them have a sense of humor worth a damn. On top of that, every morning in class, we have to halt what we're doing while the SGM rattles off some impossibly long war-story...not one that even really has a point except to illustrate EXACTLY WHAT THE INSTRUCTOR JUST SAID!!!! You know? They're not FUNNY...not poignant...just one of those, " this one time..." situations.

But today we're playing dodgeball, and the balls we're using aren't the foam balls...they're the rubber, multi-purpose balls like you remember from gym class growing up. Thrown hard enough, these balls can really sting, so we made a rule..."NO HEAD SHOTS". Now...of course, accidents can happen. A couple of different times, the Master Sergeant got hit somewhere between her elbows and her shoulders...and let's be fair...she's SHORT...but she'd start yelling at the person who threw the ball. Hell...this woman went down to the floor a couple of times to dodge...hit the floor in a ball, and STILL complained about head shots. How the hell are we going to hit anything else when you're in a ball on the floor facing us?

Oh well...I only have to tolerate her crap for about another week and then I'm home.

After, of course, a night in Memphis.


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