Friday, February 09, 2007

Morning 2...I hate officers

I hate officers...

Morning...Day 2...

We were supposed to go to the gym to work out this morning...organized sports on Tuesday and Thursday...and when we got there we discovered that we'd been 'bumped' by an O.C.S. class (Officer Candidate School).

Fucking officers. They're not even actual OFFICERS yet, and they're already throwing their weight around. Amidst the groaning and moaning, I did point out that the Funeral Honor Guard works OUTSIDE in ALL CONDITIONS, and while it was wrong of the O.C.S. guys to muscle in on our gym time, we should not be averse to training outside.

Sooooooooo...we went outside for PT...and played ultimate 30-degree weather. I managed to completely turn my right ankle and almost turn my left because there were some holes in the field we were playing on.

Everyone was well-motivated and enjoying themselves...nobody took it too seriously...and at one point I intercepted a long pass. When I turned around, the smallest female in the class was coming at me wide open, and she couldn't stop fast enough.

Now...this soldier is about 5-foot-nothin'...a hundred and nothin'. In a nanosecond, I realized if she hit me, she'd bounce right off and possibly hurt herself. So, instead, I made this exaggerated 'whoa!!!'...let her impact, and we both went right over, ass-over-teakettle. In a display of athletic prowess that I have never before posessed and will never EVER be able to duplicate, I still managed to get the frisbee out of my hands and down the field before I impacted. However, my dedication to physical comedy got the better of me and I managed to screw up my shoulder a little bit.


I shouldn't feel this old...I'm only 35.


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